Monster painting taking shape

The only realistic part of this painting...

The only realistic rendering of this painting…enjoy it while you can!

Just as in the rest of the Sky Pads series, all of this lovely realistic-looking stuff will soon hide among and behind layers of drippy paint. Before that, however, I will fill in the lines you can see in the background with a general idea of light and shadow that was in the original photo. After that, I can have fun pouring more paint!

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Slide show overload?

It’s been a while since I temporarily disappeared from the blogosphere, but it was for a good reason. I’ve been working my little artist buns off churning out more Sky Pads for the September gallery opening. And, the finish line is in sight!

Here’s an update since the last post. We left off at number 6 completed. Since then I’ve completed 7 through 10 and 11 is waiting in the wings.

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Sky Pads 11, initial wash. This is the B-I-G one, 4 feet by 5 feet.

Sky Pads 11, initial wash. This is the B-I-G one, 4 feet by 5 feet.

Number 10 invokes my sense of a rainy day. Maybe because that’s what it’s been like around here lately? I think number 11 will have some of that same feel to it, although I can never predict what will present itself as I work through the process. Number 9 is a bit of a throwback to number 1, which I find interesting as I hadn’t really intended to revisit the first painting. It just sort of knocked on the door and then came right on through. I really like how the same colors in both paintings express different moods.

More to come, just as soon as I manage to wrestle 20 square feet onto a painting table…(hint–I can’t use my regular table, it won’t fit.)

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Rockin’ Riders rocks the quadrille…again

OK, I have no video, or even photos, to prove this. But we did rock our world at the horse show yesterday. We’ve tightened up our moves since early June and junked one awkward-looking sequence for something much more elegant. The progress is evident in our highest-ever score (probably never to be equaled again)…and I do have proof of that. To wit: here’s the scoresheet!

The riders...

The horses and riders…

The score...96.385 in case you can't read it

The score…96.385% in case you can’t read it










The GMO’s (US Dressage Federation Group Membership Organizations) in my area for some reason have never come up with an official Anything Goes Quadrille Musical Freestyle score sheet. So they use the one for Pas de Deux and just scratch that out and write in “Quadrille”. Sloppy looking, but it sure doesn’t change the results! In case you were wondering, a perfect score would be 100%. Our previous high score since inception of the team was 84.615%, which we had considered to be unbeatable until now…

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An offer I can’t refuse

It turns out that the Box Factory paid off a double dividend. The curator of the Gallery at the Inn at Harbor Shores also saw my painting at the MAAC show and thought it would be neat to fill their gallery with 10 of my Sky Pads. We emailed back and forth, I visited the gallery, and the show will open around mid-September.

All of this means that I have to get five more large-scale paintings done in about a month and a half in order to cover their spacious walls. I have four in progress now, so here’s a quick look at the preliminaries. Fortunately I can work on one while I wait for layers on another to dry…

Sky Pads 8--initial color wash

Sky Pads 8–initial color wash

Sky Pads 7--initial color wash

Sky Pads 7–initial color wash










Sky Pads 9--initial color wash

Sky Pads 9–initial color wash

Sky Pads 10--initial color wash

Sky Pads 10–initial color wash










Sky Pads 7--first pass

Sky Pads 7–first pass

Sky Pads 8--first pass

Sky Pads 8–first pass

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SOLD!! Woo-hoo!!

Skypads 4, finished?

Skypads 4

This is the painting that was accepted into the Box Factory for the Arts annual Michiana Area Art Contest. It didn’t win any “awards”, but this one sold! That’s the biggest validation I could expect from a competition/show. I’m happy to let the winners show off their ribbons; I’ll just keep the moolah, thank you.

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A few small changes

Approximately half way there...

My original thought was “approximately half way there”…but,

A bit of misty pushback

it only needed a bit of misty pushback to make me happy.


Besides the white “mist”, I added some transparent color splashes using a brand new tool–don’t laugh–a turkey baster. Will keep that tool in my arsenal next time I need some soft patches of color. Now calling this one officially baked, as opposed to “half-baked”…

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Sky Pads 6 — half baked

Approximately half way there...

Approximately half way there…

I noticed just before I shot this photo that I missed part of a pad near the top left. It shall appear forthwith. Now to decide how to layer more poured paint on this, and what colors, so the leaves aren’t so obvious and blend back into the the general mish-mash. There are also a few stray pond fronds and stems to be added here and there. Mostly I like them just because they contribute a little more to the break-up of the patterns.

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