Things keep happening

Two big display racks arrived yesterday. Good thing they only weigh about ten pounds each. The easier to carry them, along with all the other stuff that’s going to end up in my booth. Like the 6 foot folding table I picked up at Cabela’s. The booth itself is on order, but it’s not in transit yet, as far as I can tell. My insurance agent called today with quotes, but I couldn’t take the call, so will have to get back to her next week. Why does one need insurance to sell horse paintings, one might ask? It appears that in our increasingly litigious society, you just never know when someone might trip over your tent stakes. Or a tornado could come up, carry the booth away to where it lands on a frightened horse who then tramples his rider. Better safe than sorry!

On the petty side, I discovered that two very old bottles of ink that I use in my paintings were in dire need of replacement. In one bottle, the ink had coagulated so it was about the consistency of maple syrup. Not so good. The other bottle had solid pieces in it when I shook it. The watery part that was left had very little pigment, kind of like drawing with gray ink instead of black. The interesting part was, one bottle still had an old price sticker on it–$1.47. The new bottle I bought today was $3.65. What I don’t know is how many years transpired between the two bottles!

I’ve kind of decided to postpone the video adventure for now–way too complicated–and will make a photographic display of the step by step process involved in creating one of my paintings which will hang in the booth so people can actually step in and learn about it if they so desire.. As soon as I have the series of photos, I’ll post them on the blog.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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