Busy day–deadlines approaching

Started off the day by finishing the ink portion of Frosty, pictured here. Paint next, then finished! Only two more to go after this, for a total of six. I was originally planning to do eight, but if I wait till I finish eight I’ll never get to any shows this summer!

The rest of the day was spent shopping, the kind of shopping you have to do but which doesn’t bring immediate rewards. So today I purchased a table cloth for the display table, dog tie-out augurs (those things that look like gigantic corkscrews) and ratchet straps to hold the tent in place, various hooks and other small hardware, and a cooler with wheels for easy transport. I looked for but did not yet find a storage tub with wheels, and was undecided about a ladder or step stool, and possibly a dolly for when the tiny wheels on the tent’s roller bag give way (which will probably be sooner rather than later). And lastly, I bought a sketchbook to doodle away on while I’m between visitors at the booth. And some more ink for my pens.

Also visited Kinko’s (now known as FedEx Office, but I hate the new name–it has no cachet). We were unsuccessful in transferring the too-huge file from my CD-ROM to their computer. This file is for my poster describing my services which will hang in the booth next to the sample paintings. As soon as I reduce the dpi, it’ll be back to FEO for a second try.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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