Five down, one to go

Mabelline sees her future, and it is an endless pasture...

Mabelline sees her future, and it is an endless pasture...

Just finished Mabelline yesterday. This is kind of an odd story, but goes to show how an artist must cater to the client, rather than to her own artistic preferences. I asked Mabelline’s owner if I could take a few pictures of her so I could add one more horse to my samples for my booth. I also asked if she would help me “pose” the horse. For some reason, this occasionally generates a desire to buy a portrait on the part of the owner, although I am in no way angling for that to happen by asking to photograph their horse. So Mabelline’s owner asked me to do a portrait, and when I finished shooting the photos, she picked the one she wanted. It’s not the one posted here. And that’s the interesting part. This portrait, from my point of view as an artist, is quintessential Mabelline. It shows both her mischievous and her sweet sides. Her owner, however, prefers a portrait that shows her whole face. So I will do that one, and it will also look like Mabelline, but it won’t be nearly as mysterious and intriguing.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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