Still slogging away–and adopting guerrilla marketing tactics

I’m spending a lot of time figuring out which horse show I’m going to risk my reputation at next! I’ve had some difficulty acquiring names and phone numbers, but I finally got a few that seem like they’ll be the right people to talk to. Thing is, by the time I got them it didn’t seem like a good idea to call, since they’ll all be at horse shows today, tomorrow, and Sunday. No sense trying to interrupt them when I know they’re busy.

In the meantime, I’m taking some other folks’ suggestions and following up on them. I’ve designed the “yard sign” I plan to put in front of the booth facing oncoming traffic, and sent it to the printers. I’ve also spent hours scouring the i-net for appropriate framing in case a customer wants me to show them what framing possibilities are available. I deliberately paint on thick-sided canvas so that framing isn’t mandatory, but one of my cheering squad members suggested that it would be a good idea to provide options. I found some really nice examples of what they call “floater” frames for deep canvases, and most of them are under $70. That’s a pretty good deal.

On the cheap side, I’m planning to have a candy bowl on my table, filled with chocolates and peppermints. Chocolates for the people and peppermints for their horses. I hope to at least get people within conversation distance through the magnetic force of sweet temptations.

Another suggestion is to give away a free painting in a drawing where people have to fill out an entry with their name and email address. This would help build up a mailing list so I could keep potentially interested people up to date on my latest offerings. I’ll have to decide which painting I want to part with, but I think it will probably be one of my small watercolor landscapes which are already very nicely matted and framed. That would be a $200 value, just for filling out a piece of paper.

In the meantime, I’m busy practicing making meaningless chit-chat with almost everyone I come into contact with. This is definitely something that for me, at least, must be relentlessly practiced. I so envy all those folks who just seem to be able to make instant friends with anybody. Something happened in my upbringing that caused the hermit side of me to predominate! Not so good for a gal trying to make sales to an unknown public!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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