Following more suggestions


Here's Billy's nice extended trot without the burden of a rider. He's getting a lot better at doing this with me on him, which is darn nice of him considering who his hay is coming from.

Following up on the suggestion I received to offer framing for my portraits, I got some corner samples in the mail yesterday. They look pretty good, and are reasonably priced. I’m still waiting for the floater frame samples to show up–I think they will look even better, and amazingly enough won’t cost more than regular frames either. This will also give me something else to talk to customers about and expand my hopelessly inadequate sales chat vocabulary!

Next show is August 1-2 at Silverwood in Wisconsin. So far, they tell me they have about 100 entries. Probably more by the actual show date. I found my candy bowls, just have to stock them now.

Meantime, my horse Billy and I have been enjoying the cooler weather. We had a great lesson yesterday, and he was just floating around the ring like a real dressage horse. Sometimes I think he knows the difference between a lesson and a practice, and puts out more effort for the lesson–kind of a show-off I think.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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