Unsolved Mysteries

Finished up the Silverwood show this afternoon, and today was no better than Friday or Saturday–at least for me. There were two saddle shops that had trailers at the show, and they both did so poorly that they packed up Saturday night and didn’t even bother with Sunday. Even the Cake Pop folks, who usually have a good business, were having slow sales. Nobody seemed to be buying anything until the jewelry lady showed up this morning. Seems like somebody (female, of course) is always buying jewelry. And guess what the percentage of female riders vs. male riders is at just about any horse show (my guess is 95/5).

So here’s the mystery. According to vendor lore, dressage riders never buy anything. Eventers are the middle ground, and hunter/jumper riders are the biggest spenders. Well, this was a hunter/jumper show and they weren’t spending. As far as my booth was concerned, they weren’t even looking. I had much more traffic at my last show at the same venue which was a horse trials (kind of a mini-eventing) show. Go figure.

So I think I will plan on the next horse trials show which is the first weekend in September. It’s a two-day show so I should get a feel for it without spending what feels like a lifetime there. In the meantime, I’m still slaving away on the website, and it’s coming along nicely so far. That’s the good news!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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