Website Finally Makes It Online


This is my new logo which will be on my business cards and other display materials. It kind of evolved over time, but sometimes that's the way things have to happen. is now a reality…finally. The last hurdle occurred when I tried to publish it. The program said it was published, but it never showed up online. So I had to make a phone call and the nice (they really are) folks who provided the domain did whatever they do to make things work and like magic (it is magic, isn’t it?) there it was. So at least I am now a presence on the web, which is a lot more than I was before.

The final horse show (my final horse show, anyway) of the outdoor season is this coming weekend, again at Silverwood. The weather is also looking good, after our October in August weekend we just experienced. With luck it will hold, and with more luck I will have some interested people in my booth. Then in the next few weeks it will be off to various barns to set up my poster/business card display which will hopefully jog the memories of folks who saw my booth at the shows.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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