Photo Adventure Tomorrow

I’ve been communicating with HARPS and it turns out that it would be a better result if I went out there to take photos of their two adoptable horses, which I will then do portraits of. So tomorrow is the day. Weather looks to be acceptable–cloudy but not raining. I’m taking plenty of carrots and peppermints to use in order to tease them into various poses. Hope they’re typical of most of my horsey acquaintances in liking both of those treats. My horse would kill for them, but I’ve come across some horses that don’t even know what a carrot is. I remember visiting the fairgrounds near my boyfriend’s childhood home in southeastern Ohio during Thanksgiving. There were always Standardbreds being worked at the fairgrounds track during that season, and I would take a pocketful of carrots down to the barns with me. But I could rarely find a taker for my largesse. It appears that racehorses don’t usually get treats, and I guess carrots are somewhat of an acquired taste for them.  I managed to get a couple of converts, but it took some effort.

Stay tuned for best pix of Ginger and Jasmine.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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