Ginger and Jasmine

Jasmine, the little Princess

Jasmine, the little Princess

Had an interesting day at HARPS. Had to kind of laugh, finding myself in a situation I’m not quite accustomed to, namely, surrounded in a large pasture by horses on the loose. As soon as I walked in, they all came trotting over–expecting that I had something for them. Good thing I didn’t (I had been warned ahead of time) or they would have completely bowled me over. Fortunately, as soon as they figured out I was treat-less, they went back to looking for some tasty grass. Unfortunately, that included my two subjects, Jasmine and Ginger.

When you’re out in a grass pasture alone, getting a horse to stop eating and look at you for a photo op is extremely difficult. They won’t raise their heads for anything but treats, and I couldn’t use carrots because I would be trampled if I did. I tried the old “crinkle the cellophane” trick (some horses who like peppermints think you’re unwrapping one) but that didn’t work. Neither did jingling my car keys or even tossing a road apple up. I did have the really cool HARPS newsletter in my back pocket, and that saved the day, at least with Jasmine. The newsletter is the size of a magazine, so I opened it and dangled it in front of her nose. She didn’t like that, and lifted her head. I got various shots this way, and the winner is the one above.

Ginger was another story. She became increasingly annoyed by the newsletter ploy, and decided to show me her rear as she trotted away. Again, and again, and again. I got a few shots off, but didn’t really like them. As I was about to surrender, help arrived. Ronda, who was originally going to meet me when I arrived, had been called out on a starving horse case. Which is why I was going it alone. When she returned we rounded up Ginger and took her out of the pasture, where she graciously agreed to pose. I actually like the shot of her “on the move” better, but I think I can combine detail from the “posed” shot with the other one to get the finished product.

Ginger on the move, not quite in focus

Ginger on the move, not quite in focus

Ginger, a bit more in focus

Ginger, a bit more in focus

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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