Ginger’s First Pass

Ginger, with one pass of color

Ginger, with one pass of color

I would have posted the ink drawing, but in Ginger’s case there just wasn’t enough ink to actually get any kind of idea about how the drawing was turning out. So I waited till I got one coat of color on her. It’s got to get a lot darker and richer (lots more coats!) but the first pass is looking promising.

It may not seem credible to the casual observer, but I never really know how a painting is going to turn out until it is actually finished. Each painting session is, for lack of a better description, somewhat of a crapshoot. That’s what makes it exciting–danger (fear of failure) that isn’t really dangerous. That same fear can actually paralyze budding artists. They look at the blank paper or canvas and just freeze up. There’s no way to get around it except to just plunge in and start making marks on your surface. After a while, you get used to making mistakes and you learn how to work your way out of (or around) them. A really good painting day can put you on an endorphin rush just from the exhilaration of winning at the game!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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