Baby you can drive my car…

Long day today, spent over 6 hours driving! Delivered Jasmine and Ginger portraits to HARPS, then figured as long as I was way out in the hinterlands anyway, I might as well check on my display boards I put up at various barns about a month and a half ago. The circuit to the barns brought some interesting results. At two of them, the displays had completely disappeared. I had not posted them in anybody’s way, and they were firmly attached to the surfaces they were posted to. Which makes you kind of wonder, who is so rude as to simply toss something that was posted with permission and was professionally printed on a plastic sheet? It’s not like the display was just a piece of ink-jetted paper with little tear-off phone numbers that would blow away in the wind. Anyhow, I did notice that at one of the locations where my display was missing, a competing artist’s “piece of ink-jetted paper” was posted on the bulletin board. Hmmm. So I just tacked up some business cards and went on my way. The other locations proved more beneficial to my purposes–I knew how many cards I had included in the display, so I could count the ones left and get a good idea whether there was much interest. To my pleasant surprise, several had been taken.

Yesterday I received a request from a guy I met at a horse show to do his horse’s portrait. He just bought the horse, and is awaiting its arrival from Florida. Hope he doesn’t change his mind in the meantime!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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