Jesse finds a new home

Jesse finds a new home

I sold a horse portrait today to a guy who doesn’t even own a horse. He wanted a Christmas present for his horse-loving wife, and was originally considering a commission. Something like horses running free in a nice landscape. That’s not something I have any examples of, since I paint landscapes and I paint horses, but I don’t paint the two things together unless requested. The buyer asked me to bring some of my portrait samples over for him to look at, since that was all I had, and he could get a feel for my painting style at least. I knew if he saw the portraits he would probably buy Jesse James, and sure enough he did. I had gone to the trouble to create some sample “running free” ideas from my photographs, cutting out horses running in large outdoor riding rings and pasting them into landscape shots. I had some really nice concepts going, but I didn’t even have to show them to him. At least I can save them for the next time someone wants to commission a horse or two running at liberty.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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