And now for something a little different…

Ma Nature's Harlequin

Painting from a photo taken at Conkle's Hollow in the Hocking Hills of southeastern Ohio

I started this painting last winter (!) before I got distracted by the horse portrait project. Now that I’m in the present winter’s lull, I decided I might as well tackle this one and finish it. It’s fairly large as canvases go, 30″ x 40″–a lot larger than my portraits, which are only 18″ x 18″. So that’s a bit of real estate to cover, so to speak. I originally did a small watercolor of this scene, and liked it so much that I decided to do a full size oil painting. It’s always a challenge to work large (you can get way too hung up in detail) but without a challenge it’s not much fun, either. I just continue to be amazed that it took almost a year to complete this, when I can usually manage to do it in a couple of months. Blame the horses…

Speaking of horses, I am anticipating that after we get through the holiday malaise I will be receiving photos from HAHS and can get started on my next animal rescue donation project. I’m looking forward to this one, as the people at HAHS have proposed sending me professional photographs (with photographer’s permission, of course) to work with. This should be fun, since the pros can usually manage to get more expressive shots than I can.

I’ve also been working on joining groups on LinkedIn. I’ve had a page on the site for a couple of years, but never realized the potential of all the groups until a read more about it recently in an issue of Art Calendar Magazine. I know the key to horse portrait success is getting the business out there to as many potentially interested people as possible, but I’ve been less successful at it than I would have wished. My website gets hits, and so does the blog, but the concentration on the target market isn’t nearly focused enough. The groups I’ve joined on LinkedIn are composed of confirmed horse devotees, so we’ll see where this goes.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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