Meet Sue


Sue has some fun in the snow

This is the HAHS rescue horse whose portrait I will be doing next. The original photo is a much wider shot, showing her full body trotting through deep snow, her dark coat stunning against the white. That shot would also make an attractive painting; but since I’ve been working with the square “head and neck” portrait formula consistently, I’m going to stick to it for this one, too.

The challenge here is to capture all of Sue’s fuzzy winter glory. My previous portraits have been of sleek, well-defined horses with plenty of detail. They lent themselves perfectly to my oil color over pen and ink style. I think I can use the same process here, but the fun part will be blurring some of that detail to preserve  Sue’s “fur-ball” winter look. The blurred background should complement the soft texture of her coat. We’ll see how this one goes! Nothing like a bit of a challenge to make my work interesting and much more exciting!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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