Black is beautiful

fabric rack cover

Home-made detachable fabric backing for display rack

I made two of these fabric panels, one for each of my racks. I gotta say, inserting 36 of those cute little grommets into several layers of fabric the cheap old fashioned way (no custom grommet tool) was definitely hard on the fingers. But I really didn’t want to blow $25 or so on a special tool I would hopefully never need again. So the project took a lot longer than it needed to, due to the requirement for “recovery time” for my fingers.

The good part is, the fabric stretches nice and tight over the wire grid underneath it, and I can use plain old drapery hooks through the fabric onto the wire to hold the paintings in place, making positioning of each painting totally flexible. I’m sure the rack manufacturer must offer some dandy system to do this, but I’m just so happy to discover I haven’t lost any of my innate “craftiness” when it comes to devising display solutions and actually constructing them. Hooks, grommets and fabric came to about $25–same cost as that grommet tool I didn’t buy!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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