“Roofscape” color test

cass house color

Quick color study, just oil paint on paper printout

Here’s my first try at getting some colors selected before I start the real deal painting. For some reason, it looked a lot brighter in Photoshop than it does here, but now that I look at it “darkly” it may give me a nudge to possibly move in that direction. I’m planning on doing one more quick version with different colors, just to convince myself that I’ve made the right choice.

The only real obstacle to getting this painting going is that I would really like to pour a multicolored paint wash over the canvas as my first step. That is an outdoor activity, and right now it’s freezing out there with several inches of snow on the ground. Past experience has proven to me that I handle color better when the canvas is previously “washed” in color. The colors I use for the wash are usually not ones that are predominant in the finished paintings. Sometimes they are complimentary colors–some of my earliest paintings were of green lily pads with a pink wash underneath. My mentor and teacher at the time suggested I do this, and I didn’t believe him, but the results were truly stunning. I’ve been a devotee of this method ever since. A handy example is the header painting at the top of this blog. There is an orange-pink glow on the right side under the blue of the sky and the green of the field and trees. You can also see some examples of the lily pad paintings on my website, http://www.allifarkas.com.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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