Union Street Gallery Opening Reception

Here are some scenes from the opening reception tonight at the Union Street Gallery in Chicago Heights, Illinois. There was a little bit of everything in this exhibit, since the theme (Image, Attitude, Impression) could cover just about any entry an artist wanted to submit. Third prize went to a tiny oil painting on glass titled “My Mom and I” which depicted a woman holding a small monkey. It was just quirky enough to make me really like it. Second was the anthropomorphic tables which you can see in one of the photos. They really looked like they could just walk off any time they wanted. First went to a video which I could appreciate but didn’t totally understand. It would have been helpful if the artist had attended the reception so I could have asked him about his multiple-pane display of  a woman running across a street in 1927 Berlin. There were many stories you could make up to explain the scene, and maybe that was simply the point.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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