Roof’s done; now for some trees

Roof's done

I'm liking those slinky shadows--just need some spectacular color splash on the trees

I keep forgetting that I work a lot better when listening to music than to the endless dissection of Obama’s healthcare reform on NPR. So today I shut off the radio and pumped up some bluegrass (Jerry Douglas and friends, soundtrack from O Brother, Where Art Thou? etc) and powered through the bottom half of this painting. Couldn’t say how many layers of paint are on there, just a lot! I blended them while they were still half-dry and a little tacky instead of waiting for them to set. This meant that the latest layer pulled up a little of the ones underneath, but I liked the effect as it made the roof look a little worn instead of brand-new (which I think it was).

I’ll let this sit a while so my subconscious can plot what it wants me to do with the trees. It really does work that way. The less I actively think and the more I just “do”, the better the result.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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