Castaways Surrender

Castaways Surrender

Our little roof and its tree companions are ready for you to make up your own story

I’ve given the vague title “Castaways Surrender” to encourage viewers to create their own narrative. I know what I think about it, but I’m not even going to give a hint about that. It’s all up to you–so have fun!

By the way, the trees now do have more texture in the bark, but it’s easier to see it in the actual painting than the photograph. I need more megapixels–but will postpone that purchase for some other day.

I’m still waiting for it to get warm enough for horses shed their winter coats and get some spring fever. I need another white horse for my portrait collection since Frosty went to his owner’s home last year. I have my eye on one, but so far I haven’t seen him outside. In the meantime, maybe another couple of watercolors?

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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