Temporarily Stuck!

I finished a color study of the Marlowe building last night, and I’m not happy with it! That’s what happens when  you can’t remember those perfect colors you came up with right before you went to sleep and didn’t write them down. I may start drawing my next horse portrait (which will be the other white horse,  Elvis) while I think the Marlowe color scheme through again, or maybe just wait for something to come to me without really thinking about it. One of the ways I make that happen is by just mixing a bunch of colors on a sample palette without really analyzing them and then seeing which combinations go well together.

Ma Nature's Harlequin

This painting from a photo taken on a hike at Conkle's Hollow in the Hocking Hills area of southeastern Ohio will be in the Highland Park Art Walk.

Meanwhile, I can be happy that I have been accepted as a participant again this year in the Highland Park Art Walk in Highland Park, Illinois. Businesses in the central district pick the painting that they would like displayed in their front window from those juried into the event. In my opinion, I snagged a primo display spot this year. In a departure from previous years, there will be a “meet the artist” day where I will be available to talk about my art to any interested parties passing by. One more opportunity to practice that meet-and-greet dynamic that still doesn’t come to me naturally, although it certainly has improved over the last year.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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