Harvard Milk Days Horse Show–So Much Fun!

Took my traveling horse portrait show to Harvard Milk Days today. A beautiful day for a horse show, or just being outdoors in general. Set up the tent in record time, then sat back to enjoy. Here’s the vendor row, presided over by Harmilda, the Milk Days mascot.

Milk Days vendor row

Milk Days vendor row


Harmilda and the vendors row--gee, can you guess which booth is mine? Maybe that big white thing?

I had a decent amount of traffic at my booth, which is always encouraging. Now that I’m in my second year of this adventure I must look a lot more confident than I did last season. I’m finding that other vendors are approaching me asking for advice, as if I actually knew anything special! In between visitors, I managed to get over to the show ring to join in the fun. This is the kind of horse show I really love–small, family-oriented, and just a plain old good time. For entertainment we had the Midwest Renegades Youth Drill Team, and Roman riding “western” style, among other things. Wagon rides, games on horseback and the usual pleasure classes for all ages. I also met some nice people from the Safe Haven horse rescue group and offered a portrait donation of one of their horses. We’ll see what they come up with. There was also what I’m now calling the “endless raffle” because there were so many items! Among which was a small ink drawing I donated of a little paint colt. Hopefully a lot of people saw it and will remember me.

Drill Team

The drill team churns up some dust. For bling, there's nothing quite like glitter on a horse's rump! Click on the picture to get the full glorious view.

Roman riding

A little Roman riding, basic western style


Lovely, ever-patient draft horses wait to transport their guests.

For those of you who are curious about the Milk Days and why there is a horse show attached to what sounds like a dairy event, all I can say is that Harvard once considered itself the “Milk Center of the World” and started a festival back in 1942 to honor area farmers for their war effort of increasing dairy and food production. It just sort of took off from there, and is now a 3-day event. The horse show was added in 1974. It now includes the Milk Run, bed races, big wheel races, tractor pull, sock hop, and God only knows what other tomfoolery. Everything you could want in good old-fashioned small town tradition. A fitting celebration for the unofficial start of the summer season.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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