Halfway to a start

Good news is, my new client likes the composited arrangement of her two mares. She is, however, having a little difficulty choosing the background. I probably gave her too many choices, but these two horses are really precious to her, so if she takes a little longer to decide, that’s OK. In the meantime, I can start the drawing of the mares, since I can always fill in the background later.

Bad news is, my right foot feels like it has a broken toe, thanks to my dear friend Billy. We were out hand-grazing just outside the barn’s main gate, when he noticed a deer off in the distance in the huge field across the way. His head went “periscope up!!!”, then came the pseudo “elephant trumpet” call, then a bunch of snorts followed by dancing and prancing and spinning around, after which he unceremoniously landed on my right foot. He himself was not hurt, but I really wish he could explain to me exactly what it was he planned to do with the deer–chase it, play with it, flee??? This is just more evidence showing how monumentally bored he is right now. I hope come August 1 we get the go-ahead to saddle up!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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