Not as bad as expected

I was on schedule yesterday to get a good night’s sleep before arising at 3AM to make the journey to Silverwood for a dressage show in time to set up my booth before the first class. At 11:30 AM got a call to go to work–out time at work: 10:30PM. Didn’t leave much time for sleep. And the hot steamy weather we’ve been having for days didn’t help either. I managed to get the truck loaded up before I left for work, so at least that was one thing out of the way.

I got my four hours of sleep, got to Silverwood, got the tent up and all of its contents. Then sat back and waited for the heat to burn in. Somehow got lucky–didn’t even feel hot until about 4 PM, and by that time there was only 1/2 hour left before the end of the day’s classes. Didn’t have much traffic at the booth, but it was a small show and other vendors weren’t exactly doing a land-office business either. I spent my time doing ink sketches from photos friends have said I can use. I was pretty tired, so I didn’t get as good results as I would have wanted, but they will do for now. When I get enough nice drawings, I’ll mat them and see if they’ll sell at the shows for an affordable $25 each. Here are a couple of samples–

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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