Little trials and then some rewards

It was another long day yesterday tending my booth at another summer horse show. Fortunately the weather changed its mind and it was very pleasant. I spent many hours doing my ink sketches, and only got one finished that actually pleased me. It was a day of many tries and few successes. I have one unfinished sketch which I think will be fine, but in general it was just one of those times you occasionally have as an artist when not much “clicks”.

On the bright side, an older woman stopped to chat and tell me how much she liked my work because she could see that my paintings captured the individual personality of each horse. This was a great compliment to me, as I have seen other artists who paint almost photographically realistic portraits, with detail down to the last whisker and tiny bulge of a blood vessel. But when I look at a sequence of their paintings, it seems like they are doing the same horse over and over. The woman told me her daughter had an artist paint portraits of two of their horses, and while the paintings were very beautiful, they didn’t look like her horses. So she was not happy with the result. She didn’t have to tell me any of that, but it was nice to receive validation from another horse lover.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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