Billy gets to trot–sort of

Billy and I did our little trot demo for the vet today. When he went into the trot, I honestly thought one of his wheels had fallen off. His gait had absolutely no rhythm to it whatsoever. I couldn’t even post because there was no “one-two” gait to post to. He felt like he had invented a new gait, maybe a mix of Paso Fino and Missouri Fox Trotter.

Fortunately, as we continued to “trot”, changing directions and resting between two attempts, he got better and better. I was able to get him to round up his back a little and he got his diagonals going in a fairly nice, though not perfect, one-two beat. Verdict: he probably just needs to get some muscle strength back. So we’ll be trotting for two minutes of our thirty-minute ride at first, then adding a minute every other day till we get up to about 20 minutes. The only hitch to this plan is that we only get to trot down the straight long sides of the ring, not around the short ends–which makes keeping count of how long you’ve been going a little iffy.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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