Exception proves the rule?

I had negative premonitions about faring well at the horse show today, mainly because my horse put me into a real funk yesterday. He fell in his stall while he was attempting to stand up, and really whacked something out of shape. He could walk nicely on his own, but the weight of a rider (once around the ring, just to see what his actual condition was) made him take very slow,  little baby steps. So I felt really bad for him and for me, and didn’t feel at all like going to a horse show and being all chatty-friendly with potential clients. But somehow I convinced myself that I should do it anyway, just to see if I could prove myself wrong.

And wrong I was! I don’t think I’ve ever had business cards flying this fast out of the box. And I just love it when someone comes up and says “Oh, I was hoping you would be here because…” In this case, the “because” was the result of destroying my business card in the laundry! The cards are plastic-coated because I wanted them to be durable, but I never thought they would be subjected to the laundry test! And my little ink drawings got lots of looks, along with inquiries as to whether I could do an ink drawing of a client’s photo. Yes, of oourse!

The day itself could have been a little warmer, especially for the competitors who were in the outdoor ring. But the indoor ring wasn’t so bad, and–it had this great view out the back door! I’m thinking some version of this may be my next rural building painting…?

Autumn scene at Fox Valley Saddle Association

Autumn scene at Fox Valley Saddle Association

I stopped by to see Billy on my way back from the show, and he seemed alert and chipper. Took him out to the paddock for a good roll, and he got to his feet just fine. Didn’t try to get on him though. I think he probably needs a few more days to (hopefully) straighten out whatever he crunched going down.  Hoping he didn’t re-injure the ligament. Vet will be out later this week and we’ll get a better idea.

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Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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