A pony with a story to cry for

The pony gets her grass!

The pony gets her grass!

I can’t describe Marshmallow’s story any better than her owner did when he wrote to me, so I’ll just let his words speak for her:

Marshmallow is the first horse we’ve ever had to put down. She was a great pony that was loved by several of my children as they grew, but she had a rough last few years. She foundered multiple times and was also diabetic, so she couldn’t eat grass or sweets during her normal life. The photo I’m sending you was kind of her “last supper” where we all spent time with her and let her eat as much grass as she wanted. She was a wonderful pony, but in so much pain at the end (despite special shoes we had made for her, etc.). We miss her greatly, and the picture of her eating grass is kind of how my wife and children imagine her version of “heaven”.

The family likes fall colors (my favorites too!) so I will be painting Marshmallow in an early fall, still-lush green pasture surrounded by some colorful trees and fields in the distance. I think she’ll be happy with that!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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1 Response to A pony with a story to cry for

  1. Sue Steiner says:

    ahhhh… what a wonderful way to remember a very special pony!


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