Nik is starting to bloom

Nik at a day and a half...??? to go

Nik at a day and a half...??? to go

Everything is blocked in to give the general effect at this point. Refinement will come in the next few days. How many days those will be, I can’t say right now. But I’m really liking the feeling of this painting.










Nik - original source photo

Nik - original source photo

Once again I had a “photo challenge” requiring a little invention on my part. This is the original photo of Nik, which did not show much of his neck or shoulder.  I got lucky and found a picture of another bay horse taken from the same angle and with similar lighting (although it was facing the opposite direction, so I had to flip it around in Photoshop) and I was able to blend the elements from that photo onto Nik to provide the missing information.

Oops, I just noticed a couple wisps of his forelock got covered by my sky background. Better remember to put those back in!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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