Billy has a girlfriend

Billy and Alada share

Billy and Alada share

I’m happy to report that my dear horse continues to enjoy his new life as a retiree. After the first mare rejected him and he tried to seriously cripple the second (who was quickly removed from the herd), the third mare seems to be the charm. She is a little Arabian endurance horse, and it appears that for Billy it was love at first sight. He followed her around from day one, even though she pinned her ears and more or less told him to back off. He was like a suitor proffering too many roses and boxes of candy. But eventually she must have thought that maybe having a protector might be a good idea, because they now go everywhere together. He shepherds her around the hay, and they nuzzle and have little horsey conversations. The barn manager told me that one evening when it was time for all the horses to come into the barn for their grain, Billy and Alada were not at the gate with the rest of the herd. They were off in the field, just standing together. Billy wouldn’t come in, so she had to lead Alada in first in order to get Billy to follow. The best part is, Billy has learned that sharing isn’t so bad after all. He was always totally defensive about his food, even trying to attack his neighbor in the next stall if he thought that horse had designs on his grain. But with Alada, he’s a total gentleman.

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1 Response to Billy has a girlfriend

  1. Jan Fedorenko says:

    They are such a cute couple…just in time for the holidays…I love that he is a happy horse!


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