Update on the whack job

Oops, another bad pun–or maybe just a bad double entendre. Anyhow, I’ve been tending to my darling horse’s injury, which doesn’t seem to pain him but does look pretty ugly. Wendy (the barn manager) and I have pretty much decided he probably wasn’t kicked after all. A veterinarian can usually say something like, oh yeah, I’ve seen that before, that was X-Y-Z…but in this case even she had no clue. And the rest of us amateur observers are befuddled by the fact that it is two very straight parallel cuts from just above the lower edge of his cheekbone to just under his lower lip. Plus there is a puncture wound where his cheek tooth went all the way through! Wendy walked the entire field looking for something he could have caught himself on, but found nothing. Also checked out the round bale feeder–nothing.  As usual, Billy is not talking. But he has returned to his old affectionate self, becoming all nuzzly with me now that he’s been indoors for a almost a week and doesn’t have his mares anymore!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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