Horsin’ around

I’m not getting much painting done, but I am using horses as my excuse. Who would ever have thought that owning a horse I can no longer ride would put me in a place to do so much riding?  Moving Billy to his retirement home brought me into contact with a truly wonderful trainer, one who doesn’t claim to be omniscient but sure knows how to convey to the rider the importance of letting the horse be the teacher. I am discovering that every tiny thing a rider does can either help or hinder the horse–and if you pay attention to the horse’s reaction you will know immediately whether you are helping or hindering. Questions are welcomed and answered in detail. Now it’s just up to me to process it and practice it.

Besides my trainer’s lesson horse, I have another “project” mare I am slowly coming to understand and listen to. Even though this horse is in a different barn, my trainer is ever helpful with insights and suggestions after hearing my descriptions of interactions between me and Ms. Mare.

Then today, along came the third horse! I had a lesson earlier on Breezy and I had just finished cleaning up Billy (he went out and rolled in the snow, then it melted on him and he got soaked) when another trainer who previously had mentioned to me that I might like riding her horse wanted to know if I had time to get to know him today. How could I refuse? He’s a lovely large gray Trakehner, a sweet boy but a little on the insecure side. He wasn’t sure who I was or whether he should trust me or not. Well, trust or no trust, this was the smoothest ride I’ve ever had on a horse. Me, the gal who is always complaining she can’t properly sit the trot, stuck to this guy like glue. Really, it was like floating. And we weren’t just mincing along, either–this guy can move out! This experience did wonders to make my day, especially since when I woke up this morning I didn’t particularly feel like even getting up!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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