A first (for me, anyway)

The Great Lakes Equine Expo in Valparaiso, Indiana is coming up this month. It looks to be a fairly large event, so I’ll be eager to see how it goes for my portrait business. It has some huge sponsors, including Tractor  Supply, Morton Buildings and Tribute Equine Nutrition (if you’re not a “horsey” person, don’t worry if you’ve never heard of them…the horse people all know who they are).  So the size of this event is definitely a “first” for me.

The other “first” has to do with insurance. Since I’m a compulsively honest person (sometimes to my detriment, I’m tempted to think) I have always had my business fully covered by insurance. The thought of my tent flying loose from its moorings and impaling some innocent victim, and the resulting lawsuit therefrom, has been sufficient motivation not only to make sure the tent is secured, but also protect myself from financial ruin. Which brings us to the Equine Expo. The contract requires one million (yes, you read that right) dollars of insurance coverage. That’s what I had anyway, because I guess it’s some sort of standard policy. But to actually be required to name the event organizer as an “additional insured” is new for me. Somehow makes me feel kind of important…like maybe I’m edging my way into the big time of horse expos. So, come expo day, I will be clutching my brand new certificate naming the additional insured, and thinking to myself, “Whe-e-e-e, look at me! I belong here with the rest of you pros.”

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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