A special mare called Gypsy

Original photo for Gypsy

Original photo for Gypsy

Pencil drawing for Gypsy

Pencil drawing for Gypsy

At Horse-A-Rama last month I met an enthusiastic gal who runs a horse rescue called Amazing Grace in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. They have an annual fundraiser coming up, and she asked if I would like to set up my portrait booth as part of the activities of the day. I would have done so, but I had already signed up for a three-day horse expo which coincided with the fundraiser date.

As you may have noticed if you follow my blog, I have an ongoing interest in supporting horse rescues with my artwork. So I offered to do a painting of one of their horses and received this charming photo of a paint mare named Gypsy rolling in clover. Gypsy is totally blind, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect on her ability to enjoy basking in the clover!

The challenge for me is to paint all that clover! I sketched out the most important parts of it in some detail, but I plan on winging it to fill in the rest. I just had to make sure that all the parts of the horse that intersected with the clover were defined. I think I can make an expressive painting even if I don’t get every single leaf in detail…the thought of that would keep me from even picking up the pencil in the first place!

Stay tuned for progress reports…

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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