Reins of Life Portrait

Just got three photographs from Reins of Life therapeutic riding center in South Bend, Indiana. I was asked if I would paint a portrait of one or more of their school horses for an upcoming benefit in February. So of course I said yes–I always do!

The challenge this time is to put together the three photographs into one composite…there is one large horse nose-to-nose with a mini pony, and a landscape of a field with fencing and autumn foliage. The horse and pony have portions of them blocked by their people friends, and in the case of the pony, most of him is blocked. Fortunately the third of the photos is a complete shot of him from roughly the same angle, but reversed in direction. Photoshop once again–no problem!

I made a quick mockup for the ROL folks of what I think the painting should look like, so as soon as I get word that they like it I’ll start posting some in-progress pix.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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