Royal Gardener’s Eden

A new commission arrived over the weekend, a lovely mare named Royal Gardener’s Eden, or just Eden for short. Unfortunately she passed over the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly, and this portrait will be to commemorate her and preserve the happy memories. Lucky for me, I have a great photo to work from…

Source photo of Royal Gardener's Eden

Source photo of Royal Gardener's Eden

I just love the structure of this mare’s head, and her wonderful expression. She is very elegant, and also has that almost Roman nose which I love (in fact, she reminds me a lot of my Billy in that regard). I’ve completed the pencil drawing, which as usual, looks a lot like a paint-by-numbers canvas but which will soon look like a real horse.

Eden--pencil drawing

Eden--pencil drawing

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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2 Responses to Royal Gardener’s Eden

  1. Gina Ayersman says:

    Alli – I am so happy to see the start of Eden’s portrait! Although I will never forget her, this will be something I will cherish. I have also posted a memorial to her (using the same photo) on hoof beats in heaven website. A wonderful website for anyone who has lost a horse. You can look at my post by going to the hoof prints on my heart, then recent tributes…you’ll see her name. You will see by my post how much I loved her and how special she was to me. I also think your Bill and Eden could have been siblings!
    Thank you!


  2. Alli Farkas says:

    Gina, I think this one will be a special one for me, too–and will do everything I can to make it meet your expectations!


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