West Michigan Winter Horse Fest coming up…

Anybody within 100 miles or so of Grand Rapids, MI, here’s your official invitation to stop by my booth next Saturday, December 3 at the inaugural West Michigan Winter Horse Fest. Full details on their website, http://www.westmichiganwinterhorsefest.com/

I’ll just echo a couple of lines from the website to give you an idea…”Over 40,000 sq. feet of shopping in one place!!! It’s like a mall dedicated to Horse Lovers.

A couple of my pals from Willow Tree will also be there–barn manager and trainer Wendy Fisher (also head trainer at Willow Tree’s wildly successful “Untrainable Horse Program”)–and my personal trainer Karin Bielefeld who will have all kinds of information about her also wildly successful “Ugly Pad” (each one hand crafted to solve your saddle fitting problems).

Looks like all the booth spaces are spoken for, so it should make for a fabulous shopping day!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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