Busy day at the West Michigan Winter Horse Fest

A long day. Up at 4AM for the 1-3/4 hour drive to Grand Rapids. Still dark when I got there, sat in the truck and ate my room-temp oatmeal which had been hot when I left the house with it. Got all set up on time and waited for the doors to open at 9AM.

Truly amazing sight out the glass doors–quarter to nine and people were lined up to the end of the building waiting to get in! You would have thought it was the horsey version of Black Friday. They came streaming in, and continued to do so for a good part of the day. There were times when it was difficult or impossible to even walk through the aisles. The original plan had been for one large hall of vendors, but that was upgraded to two over the last couple of weeks. Good thing, or the place couldn’t have held all those people!

A first for me, I completely emptied my business card tray in one day, and then some. When I checked my website, I saw that there were a lot of hits from the Grand Rapids region, too. Hmmm….

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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1 Response to Busy day at the West Michigan Winter Horse Fest

  1. So glad to hear this was such a successful event for you, Alli. Thanks for sharing about the fun you had at this horse event.


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