Next up, Billy and his harem

Gunny and Rosie--finished!

Gunny and Rosie--finished!

Billy and his mares

Billy and his mares

Our two friends Gunny and Rosie are finally complete. I don’t know what their actual accommodations are (especially in winter!) but they both look quite happy here in an autumn-setting pasture. Will see if I can get the painting delivered to Reins of Life sometime this coming week. Then we’ll hope their upcoming benefit is a huge success, because they certainly deserve it! Therapy horses provide an incredible service and the best part is that they do it so willingly (otherwise they wouldn’t be therapy horses!).

Next up is a landscape including my beloved but often unrepentant Billy. I took this photo just after he arrived at Willow Tree in November 2010. One of the reasons the photo amuses me so much is that he is actually quite low in the herd pecking order, and only got to gloat over his little harem because he was in a small “training” pasture, learning how to integrate into a new herd. The four other horses in the pasture were shunning him, so nobody paid him any mind when he moseyed over to the fence to strike up a friendship with the mares. I also really like the play of light in the thick stand of trees, and will have an interesting time seeing how I can get that idea across on canvas.

Happy New Year to all–hope you all have some interesting plans for the future as well!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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1 Response to Next up, Billy and his harem

  1. Cathy Alwine says:

    So cute! Love the colors. Can’t wait to see it “live.” Thanks so much!


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