The puzzle of Fred

Fred--ink underdrawing

Fred--ink underdrawing

Fred is no longer with us, but he apparently had lots to say to those around him when he was here. My client tells me that her grandfather had Fred for 29 years and that he was quite a character. He was a show-off and loved to prance for parades, but put any kid on him and he was quiet as a mouse. The world could be crashing around him and he wouldn’t have cared. As are so many of our equine friends, he was also a sucker for treats. The way to a horse’s heart is through his stomach? Must’ve learned that from his men friends…

As often happens when beloved horses have left us, there were many photos of Fred but none of them were ideal. I’ve assembled some of them below, so you can see the puzzle pieces I used to put the whole picture together. The areas under the saddle and bridle had to be invented, but the reference photos were very helpful nonetheless.

I plan on doing the background first. Can’t say why I do that sometimes and sometimes I don’t, but at any rate the next time I post you will see the background so I won’t say anything about it right now.

This is the pose we wanted to use, but it turned out Fred's lovely mane was on the other side of his neck.. So I had to flip the photo around...which meant I needed references for the other side of his face.