Drafts finished, along with a little made-up story

Drafts done!

Drafts done!

I’m betting that a harness maker could have produced a finished product faster than it took me to paint it, but at least I pushed on till I got it done. I had been working on this painting concurrently with the one of Fred, but put it aside to concentrate on Fred.

Last spring I took several photos of this pair, and what made this view stand out was the position of the horses’ heads. It seemed like they were having a little conversation, with the one on the right side looking totally distracted while the one on the left was urging, “Come on, get with it and let’s get this rig moving”. All the other photos were fairly ordinary, so I was happy to have snagged at least this one gem.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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8 Responses to Drafts finished, along with a little made-up story

  1. Glad you were able to complete this one in time for the show, Alli. It should provide some interesting contrast to your prior typical equine portraits. I bet you get it sold while you’re there :-).


    • Alli Farkas says:

      Thanks for your good wishes, Nanette! I’m afraid that if I tallied up all the time I put into this one, I’d have to ask for so much money that no one could afford to buy it!


      • You might be surprised. Don’t know how you’re pricing your work now, but know some of your early charges didn’t pay for a fraction of your time. Your work has improved so much from the time I was first introduced to your art. Put it in a nice frame, price it to justify your time and you might find a visitor glad to have the original artwork and pay the price.


  2. A real testament about leadership đŸ™‚ Wonderful piece of art.


  3. I love the painting, very beautiful and thought provoking, it immediately reminded me of the draught horse we had, similarly coloured called ‘Blondie’ she was quite a bit fatter than your two, but my Dad had all the old fashioned harness equipment and together he and I made a wooden sled for her to pull so we could collect haybales and transport tree poles for planting through some of the wetter country at the back of the farm.

    Coincidentially, I wrote a short piece of flash fiction to the theme ‘harness’ which didn’t quite work because the word harness just threw me into another image I felt I must write about and in the end harness got cut because halter was more appropriate and it wasn’t about the harness anymore. As yesterday was flash fiction day, I decided to post the short 150 word story, which you can read here if you are interested. http://wp.me/p1nUrn-du its called ‘The Muster’.

    Good luck with your paintings and doing the work you love.


  4. ha! i agree about one being able to make it faster than you painted it! i felt that way about the floor project!


  5. I like the story you told and really like your harnessed pair painting. Sometimes creating something like this does take patience and time.


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