Perfect day for a horseshow at Harvard Milk Days

Perfect, that is, except for the sudden gusts of wind that threatened to blow everything away. Otherwise, sunny and pleasant. I thought I’d just make this post mostly a picture show, short and sweet. This was my third year at Harvard Milk Days, and I like the continuity of sequential appearances. It’s getting rather common now for people to come up to me at shows and say “haven’t I seen you at ….?” Only took three years, but the name recognition is encouraging!

That’s my big white tent, as usual. The copper-colored one in front blew away in the wind. At least it blew away from me! Don’t know why people have such a reluctance to use tent stakes.

Here’s a corner of my tent, with the wind blowing the tablecloth under the table and the side curtains outward. The ground was really hard because it hadn’t rained in a while, and I couldn’t get my usual corkscrew dog tie-outs into the ground. I use ratchet straps to secure the corners of the tent to the tie-out, but had to settle for tent stakes this time.

Harmilda picked up a rider this year. Guess she got tired of the flower wreaths around her neck from past years.

I’m not a competitive trail rider, so I don’t know much about this, but I think the object of this test was to grab the rope and back up with your horse until you pull over and drag the jump standard that the rope is attached to. The palomino was having none of it!

Same palomino wants to know what the heck these water buckets are doing out here with flowers sticking out of them. Not going to walk between them either forwards or sideways. Heck no, no way!

Ah, success. No problem trotting right over this little crossrail obstacle.

Why is it that the tiny tots on big horses are always the cutest things?


About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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2 Responses to Perfect day for a horseshow at Harvard Milk Days

  1. Love the photos! I’m so glad to hear you’re finally getting some recognition out there! ^.^


  2. Jan Fedorenko says:

    Love your narrative!


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