Phoenix rising

We have a frame…


Actually, we have the whole tent, but since it took me quite a while to figure out how the frame pieces went together, I didn’t get around to assembling the whole thing. It’s not all the way up in the photo because the rafters in the garage are too low. I chose to take the easy way out and get the basics done in the garage because it’s been 90 degrees + and also quite humid for many days now and it was just too danged hot to work outside. I did put the top on just to make sure it fit. Here’s what the manufacturer says it will look like with all the sidewalls up:

Pretty cool design, nice and open without the accordion trusses of the old one all over the place.

This one has some really nice features, including stabilizing rails along the top and bottom from which you can hang/secure your display panels. It also has the ventilation panels in front and back, which I really liked on my old version. Best of all, this tent feels really sturdy. As with any tent in the outdoors, it still has to be secured to the ground or weighted at the legs, but the whole framework just seems a lot stronger. Most of the fittings (which took me so long to decipher) can remain in place on the poles and legs after disassembly, so that will save some time and frustration next time around. That’s probably the best reason for doing a trial run before you ever take a new tent to a show!

By the way, did I mention that the whole shebang weighs about 165 pounds? Good thing it can all be broken down into easy-to-carry bundles! My old one at 85 pounds wasn’t exactly lightweight either, but it was all one unit and getting it from here to there required strong-arming it onto a handtruck. I got pretty good at it, but I always had tell-tale bruises on my arms after each show.

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Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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