This year’s dose of dressage at Willow Tree

Today marked the inauguration of my brand new exhibit booth–

Looks a lot like the old one, doesn’t it?

There are several big differences between this one and the old one, even though at first glance they look awfully similar. This has a very solid round steel bar frame, with individual pieces that slide into one another and lock into place. It makes for a much sturdier structure. The single bars along the top and bottom provide a convenient configuration to hang both display racks and individual paintings. I especially like the top bar along the back to which I can attach my banner and it actually looks pretty straight instead of droopy and wrinkled! The side curtains (and also the roof) are heavy vinyl and don’t flap in the wind nearly as much as the fabric did on the old version. Forecast is possible thundershowers tonight–that would be a real change since we haven’t had measurable rain in at least two months–so we’ll see how the setup fares overnight and I’ll be hoping I battened everything down well.

Now for the more interesting stuff! Here’s Liberty Song, a lovely Hanoverian mare (I guess you can call her a mare now; I think she just turned 4).

Liberty Song, first class of the day, in-hand.

Liberty was bred and is being brought along by one of the trainers at Willow Tree, Marie Milliman (that’s not Marie in the photo). Slow but sure is the word of the day for Liberty’s training. She’s got all the right stuff for Grand Prix and we’ll see how far she goes. She took second place for the in-hand class.

Had a rare on-site sale today, one of the Aquabords went to the owner of the horse pictured on it.



The chestnut horse is RT, owned by one of my fellow boarders. RT is in his late 20’s and looks like he is declining in health. It was just a coincidence that I had this painting on display and his owner saw it. She realizes she doesn’t have a whole lot of time left with him, and was absolutely overjoyed to have this keepsake painting. This is what makes my job so rewarding–making other people happy!

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Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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3 Responses to This year’s dose of dressage at Willow Tree

  1. Deb Reda says:

    I was so pleased-and also envious- to see your display today at Willow Tree. You have done such a nice job! I wish I would be as far along in my endeavors this way as you and have just not gotten myself in gear as well. I know I have the art skills, and do have the ambition, just have had a hard time getting going, and have been sort of torturing myself for not getting a better start on it. My only defense is having a farm full of horses and animals to care for, and to take time with, and not even had time to get my house organized since I have been done with work. I am terribly right brained, and have been busy with caring with the two new foals, and the youngsters- two yearlings, one two yeat old, one three year old, one four year old is Paloma, and then the mares and others.

    I am thrilled to see your progress, and look forward to your success, because when you do have the extra money I think you may be interested in some of my lovely youngsters, as Marie has Liberty because she used my mare Dragonfly. I have two Dragonfly children here, one of which is not mine, but the other is a colt who is a full brother to Liberty, and I will likely breed Dragon back to Liberty Gold again… I also have wonderful home raised horses, and they would make great subjects for you. liberty has a half sister by Windstorm’s mom who is a black bay three year old that would be a pretty model.

    Please forgive me for hijacking your blog! I did not intend that! I just was happy to see you booth, and would be glad to help booth sit sometime! I would like to get to know you better, now that I join the ranks of the unemployed!



  2. Deb Reda says:

    Maybe I can learn how to do this from you? Deb


  3. Jan Fedorenko says:

    Nice set up!!!


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