Better late than never

Well…way back in the middle of June I posted about my new barn painting. I had just poured the preliminary wash on the canvas and promised an update. So here it is! Finally!! You can still see the background wash and how it’s influencing the layers that go over it.

Preliminary wash of very thin paint poured somewhat randomly on the canvas.

Basically one layer added, covering about 2/3 of the canvas at this point

The progress photo is from a couple of days ago. I’ve since put a lot more work into it, so the next iteration should look it’s been the recipient of some significant painting action. I have a big horse expo coming up in early November and am planning on hanging this in my booth along with a couple other of my favorite barn paintings. The horse portraits are always the star of the show, but I think adding these will liven up some of the blank areas in an indoor booth. These large venues always provide drapery for the back of the booth (well, except at the Michigan State Spartan Rodeo where the back was a stall wall!) and my banner takes up the top 12″ or so. But that leaves a whole lot of drapery hanging there doing nothing. So we’ll see how this plan goes! I don’t worry so much about hanging stuff on the back wall of my outdoor tent because it’s usually so windy that it won’t stay hanging straight anyway–and to my mind crooked paintings look even worse than no paintings!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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