I think it’s done

I think Roz’s barn is done, but I’m making you wait just because I have to wait! I seldom decide a painting is finished until it’s been sitting on view a couple of days waiting for me to catch anything really glaring that I’m going to regret later. So I’m only going to show you the first and second stage photos, which look almost exactly the same at first glance. BUT…the area behind the fence has been filled in, the fence added, the trees refined, and the sky lightened. I didn’t get around to the trees on the far left because I couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted to do with them. This is called procrastination, and I am expert at it. No matter, they’re looking like trees now and if they continue to look good a couple of days from now I’ll show you the whole shebang. In the meantime…(almost forgot–have a surprise coming up in the horse portrait department–details to follow!)

Part 1

Part 2


About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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3 Responses to I think it’s done

  1. Wow awesome painting! I wish I could paint like that…someday I will get there hopefully.


  2. Hansi says:

    when I used to paint, determining when it was finished was the hardest part. Usually, when I either fell in love with it, or was just plain sick n tired of it was the big indicator for me.


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