Yes, really, it’s done!

All done. Had to wait for the right moment to photograph it outdoors in my favorite lighting conditions–bright shade. The gloss in the medium I use creates all kinds of shiny bright spots in the photography if I use lights instead of the bright shade. A pro showed me that trick decades ago and I am so grateful I happened to be around the day he came to a class to photograph many of the students’ work. I guess I should tell Roz that I painted her barn now, ya think? I always link my blog to my Facebook page, and she’s my FB friend, but I think she very seldom goes there!

Now on to the next adventure, which I promised to reveal last time around. Some of you horsey folks may know the story of a wild American mustang named Padré, who was given to a gal in northern Illinois who trained him in dressage and took him to one of the most prestigious shows in the nation, Dressage at Devon, where he won his class in the Four Year Old and Older in Hand Stallion Division. He was the first mustang, and as far as I know the only mustang, to ever show at Devon. He also became a Breyer model horse, which for horses is roughly the equivalent of having your car chosen for a Revell model kit…except you don’t have to assemble the horse! He even stars in a children’s book about his unusual road to fame.

Then misfortune struck. A few months ago Padré was severely injured in his pasture due to panic induced by tree trimmers with chain saws who entered the pasture without permission and wouldn’t stop work while his owner asked for a pause in order to relocate him to his barn. He somehow managed to damage a hind leg while fleeing the commotion. The leg swelled up, got infected, had complications that after numerous trips to UW Madison hospital are still unresolved. He is still lame, dragging a hind leg, and a mystery to his veterinarians, who as part of a university system are some of the best in the business. In order to help pay for his medical care, and also a lawyer to try to recoup damages from the neighbor who hired the tree trimmers (and who has denied all responsibility, as have the respective insurance companies), Padré’s owner will be holding a fundraiser in mid-October. I am creating and donating two Aquabord™ watercolors of Padré for this event, based on source photographs by Chuck Swan of Swan Studios LLC. Here are the photos–stay tuned for progress reports!

This is the photo used on the cover of the children’s book.

This is Padré with one of his many champion ribbons.

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Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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4 Responses to Yes, really, it’s done!

  1. Renee says:

    Hello, i have just nominated your blog the Liebster blog award! for details visit my post: Congratulations! 🙂


  2. munchow says:

    I really like that painting of the barn. The use of soft and sharp contours gives the picture so much depth. And the colours are beautiful. Otherwise I am sorry to read about Padré, all damage due to ignorance and lack of willingness to give the owner a chance to move the mustang.


    • Alli Farkas says:

      Thanks Otto–so glad you liked the barn! Have almost finished the painting of Padré in the field and am so pleased that I managed to get the feel, if not the detail, of all that foliage. Will post it soon!


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