And now, the news you’ve been waiting for

I’m back from the big 3-day expo. Only problem was, it turned out not to be as big as advertised. From past experience, I know what a crowd of  only 1000 looks like, and the promised attendance of 8000-10000 did not materialize. On the bright side, I sold way more than I ever have at any show. On the not so bright side, it cost me a lot more than I have ever paid before to make those sales. Back on the bright side, it was reassuring to know that even with a not-so-great attendance, I was able to sell.

I also got two and a half (!) more Aquabord™ paintings accomplished while at the show, which is amazing considering all the (welcome) interruptions to talk to potential customers. There were a couple of kids who were fascinated watching me paint–both of them budding artists. It was really satisfying to give them support and encouragement, especially the young man in a wheelchair. His body was uncooperative but his mind was sharp, and what a sense of humor! I wish him a beautifully artful future!

We also had some entertainment starring Tommie Turvey (the “Equine Extremist”) and several others, including a bizarre demonstration of what I can only call “horse skiing” and also a youth drill team. I did not have my good camera with me, so the entertainment shots will have to be classified under the category of “artful blur”. I’m sure you’ll at least get the idea! Mouse over the slide show to bring up the pause button.

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About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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4 Responses to And now, the news you’ve been waiting for

  1. lori graydon says:

    Congratulations on the success of your show! Great paintings and your photos show a lot of action.


  2. Mandaly94 says:

    Wow, your paintings are really amazing! Glad you had some success with selling because it looks to be well deserved 🙂


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