Orange Float Redux

Yes, the title really is Orange Float Redux.

Yes, the title really is Orange Float Redux.

I’m not feeling “wordy” today, so I just piggybacked on the title of the previous Aquabord™ watercolor from two posts ago. This is the same location, but from a different angle. I like both of them, even if this one is a little less “orange-y”. I feel a mini-series coming. Getting ready to prep two canvases for the oil versions. I’m sure the oils will look entirely different, but doing the little watercolor studies first gives me a start on the direction I eventually want to go. This one is also available–$50 plus shipping.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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2 Responses to Orange Float Redux

  1. munchow says:

    It’s quite amazing what a little bit of purple does to the painting. For me it adds depth and ambience to the scenery. It’s a much more distinct painting in my opinion. It’s simply beautiful.


    • Alli Farkas says:

      It is more distinct, although I wasn’t trying to make it that way! I used some masking fluid where the tree trunks are so I could work white against the purple there–also didn’t blend the background and water colors as much. Am thinking about version 3–will see what comes of it if it comes around at all!


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