Another horse show, another Aquabord™

"Dodge" (as in avoid, not as in automobile!) watercolor on Aquabord™. Available on my website

“Dodge” (as in avoid, not as in automobile!) watercolor on Aquabord™. Available on my website

I painted another little Aquabord™ today while tending my booth at a dressage show at Concord Ridge Equestrian Center in St. Joseph, Michigan. This is a brand new, multi-million dollar facility and even though it was a small show I set up my tent anyway just because I wanted to see what mega-millions can buy! I was repaid for my trouble by Mother Nature with a cold, wet, windy day. Who would have imagined late July could be so thoughtless? A fellow vendor remarked that the weather must be bipolar because it kept switching between intermittent sun and the rain and wind. Fortunately my tent, as usual, kept me dry and fairly warm. After the deluge at Fox River Valley Pony Club in June, water seems to be my outdoor horse show destiny.

I also forgot to bring my camera. Must have had a senior moment. If you’re curious about Concord Ridge, here’s their website:

Not all of the buttons work on the website, but for a nice little slide show of the facility try here:!our-facility

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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4 Responses to Another horse show, another Aquabord™

  1. ronald maxson says:

    must have been a strange experience to be where weather would change so dramatically, but at least you didn’t get wet! would have liked to see the concordhorses content, but i don’t have a flash player. i continue to enjoy your posts and artwork. thanks, ron


  2. Who would have imagined late July could be so thoughtless?

    that remark made me laugh! july has been chilly here on the coast of ecuador! it’s been long-sleeve weather most every day, and for me, blankets at night!

    the watercolor is lovely! well done, amiga!


    • Alli Farkas says:

      Lisa, why do I think of Ecuador as a year-round tropical country? After all, the name means “equator”, so in my mind it should never be chilly. Especially not on the coast!


      • we have the humbolt current to thank for very pleasant temps. i am just south of the equator, and i’m told that just north the temps are more humid and the landscape stays green year round. of course we have snow-capped andean peaks for doses of cold! then there’s the amazon on the other side of the saddle – closer to peru on the coast, the climate is more desert-like. i’m located in a dry rainforest climate which has many of the same species as costa rica , but it’s not as stuffy here!


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